Making whats called a "slip seat" box

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Hey, What I want to do is put together a box for my speakers (sub-woofers and regular car speakers with an amp in the box also), car stereo and CB all in one to take from one semi truck to another when I need to, anyone have directions to where I can find a diagram for such a box?


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    Whatcha know, a fellow trucker!

    For something like that Im not sure youd want the sub that close to the speakers. It being that close you wouldnt get any good bass out of it and it would drown out the speakers.

    What I would do is build a box that would hold a set of 6x9's like these. I own them and they sound great. Design the box to hold them with the amp in the middle.

    However Im not sure where you could put a box that big up front and Im assuming you want it up front for the CB.

    What kind of tractor are you putting this in. Im familiar with the inards of most rigs. Tell me what youre driving and where youre wanting to put it and I can give you some better ideas.
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