DTS/DD compression issues

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Didn't I read somewhere recently that DTS had succumb to the demands of someone/something and is going to drop their compression rate to be more in line with Dolby Digital, thus rendering this format only slightly better than DD? If true its a real bummer.
Plus I hear the studios aren't too thrilled about superbit either. From what I understand this is it....the end all format available on a dvd disc. I hear its spectacular, although all the extras are lost to provide room for the expanded audio/video info.
Also, real quick...the Nine Inch Nails live dvd was released in two different formats,(DD/DTS), and you even have to change the disc in the middle of a 90min performance. The info on the web site cited compression issues and quality concerns....I will say the DTS version is incredible and leaves my ears ringing just like the live show did.....awesome disc.
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    There is almost too many different formats and stuff to keep up with anymore. What happened to the simple stereo with 2 speakers and bass/treble knobs. Although having so many different options and stuff to play with is very nice. Although i wont probably be able to eat anything but ramen noodles for a good while buying speakers and receiver and stuff. Ill probably have to go and buy those big bags of dogfood at sams after i buy a DLP player.
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    Eddie believe it or not it is worth it. What DLP are you looking at?
    I guess your talking about a projector? Interested! :cool:
    PS3 and HD Front Projection, life is good. Too bad Blu-Ray and the PS3 are already obsolete.....:rolleyes:
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    Yes a projector to replace my old 54" big screen. I have just recently just started looking at them as i didnt realize the prices were fairly reasonable these days. Probably be a while before i get since i am still upgrading all my audio stuff. These Polks boards are pretty good in that u get alot of information and ideas for things Right now i still live in a apartment which pretty much sucks for HT since u really cant turn the volume up too much without pissing off neighbors and such.
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    I'm such a DTS advocate, what are everyone's feelings on the format? Every time I see a decent movie encoded with DTS I almsot feel obligated to buy/rent it! I've never been disapointed with DTS sound, but have walked away from many a DD film wondering, 'where was the impact?'
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