wtb Atrium 45's blk

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I need a second pair for Middle Surrounds to match my Rear surrounds.

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    Wait, are your surrounds currently the Atrium 45s? Do you want have a bigger speaker? You should be a little more specific.
  • CA-AVR330CA-AVR330 Posts: 30
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    yes, I have two atriumn 45's now.
    The mounting system provided with the Atrium is perfect for my room space needs. A larger speaker would be alright, but it would have to have a similar mounting system to the atrium 45's
    which I already have.

    My fronts are RTI10's.
    the Atrium 45's I received free from Polk as a package deal.
    So, I just want two more atrium 45's to flesh out the surround so I can use dolby EX surrounds.
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