WTB: Sansui TU 717

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Looking for a Sansui TU 717 vintage tuner. I'm aware of the ones on eBay and the occasional one on Audiogon. Long shot that someone might have one that they are not using here but what the heck eh..

Eventually want to get the Antenna performance mod to it.

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    Try posting here Paul. You will probably have better luck.
  • pjdamipjdami Posts: 1,898
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    Thanks for the link gatemplin.

    I've been to the AK website before but didn't realize they had an exclusive Sansui forum over there. Looks like a cool place overall with tons of knowlege and experience. Also gives me an idea of what the TU 717 has been selling for and why I keep getting outbid on eBAy!
  • gatemplingatemplin Posts: 1,595
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    If you didn't see it there is also a Sansui database started by one of the mods here. It has prices and dates of manufacture.
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    I know you don't want to do the ebay thing, but....
    take a serious look at the TU-717 on ebay from the guy in Arizona. He sent me close-up pics of this thing and it is beautiful. There are a couple of very tiny "imperfections" but you have to search to find them. The dial glass looks pristine, as does the rest of the chasis.
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