Unreal Tournament 2004

DemiurgeDemiurge Posts: 11,873
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Any of you guys play it? UT has to be my favorite gaming series for the PC. It's so much fun, IMO.
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  • Airplay355Airplay355 Posts: 4,293
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    yup i love it...the only reason i havent bought it is because i know all my frames by name. i only get about 6 fps when i play, sometimes 10 but never more then 19. this is with everything on lowest, including the resolution.

    much much much better then halo IMO, except for the fact that u can play halo together with a bunch of friends and not need 4 $2000 computers.
  • ShizelbsShizelbs Posts: 7,424
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    I bought the DVD edition blind the day it came out. What a good purchase. This is the best shooter out there IMO. Halo can suck it compared to UT2004. Its just well-balanced and tons of fun. Not to mention the graphics look great for a fast-paced multiplayer shooter.
  • PolkThugPolkThug Posts: 7,528
    edited August 2004
    I am a UT junkie.
  • ShizelbsShizelbs Posts: 7,424
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    Whats your screen name?
  • DemiurgeDemiurge Posts: 11,873
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  • rskarvanrskarvan Banned Posts: 2,456
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    I'm running thru "Unreal II The Awakening". I don't think any computer game has been as fun as the Unreal series. I'm not much for tournament play though. I'd rather just follow the story-line.
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