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Just read that Peter Jackson and the crew will be making an ext extended version of the trilogy on the future. To me that is total BS. I can understand the need to keep the movie short for theatrical release but this is just a money grab if they do it. The whole point of the extended version was an opprotunity for PJ to not have any time restraints and to include all parts that were ment to be in the film.

Im still gonna buy it probably but it is still BS.

Read about it in Egm its a vidio game mag that was talking about a new RPG that will be coming out soon and how they have tons of more foottage that has more side stories that were not included in the film and that they could not talk about what was left out because of a future three movie box set possible and how PJ wanted LOTR to be around for along time.
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    That is BS, but they've got us good, cause like you said, we'll all probably get it anyways.
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    What I read is that, while the Extended Editions have a great deal more footage than the theatrical releases, there is still footage that was not used in the films. Specifically, I read that Jackson still left some of what they shot for Return of the King out of the EE because of "pacing issues." That's what they said about some of the scenes they cut for the theatrical cut, and the pacing of that film is rather clipped. I think the EE will really flesh out the movie and have better overall pacing. That said, this souped up version is reportedly not coming out until 2006, and will offer ALL of the footage that was not used in the films, giving fans who care enough about it the satisfaction of knowing they have every piece of footage filmed for these movies. Other than that, I think the rest of the edition will just be a huge boxed set of all Extended Editions. If the only thing this new set offers is just some deleted scenes, I'm not sure it will be worth buying if you already have all 3 EE's.
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    That is pretty lame, but I don't blame them for milking it for all it's worth. The only thing that's bugged me is having to wait so long for the EEs. I learned my lesson from the first 2 times and decided against buying the theatrical version of ROTK. I know i'll never watch it again after getting the EE.
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