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i just picked up disneys alantis and i was watching it and sundley the color went wack like one of the componet video went bad this is the olny movie it has happened on so far. i have a 2 year old toshiba dvd player and i am runing the sgional throgh my onkyo 787 i check all the conectons any suguestons

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  • Micah CohenMicah Cohen Ruler of the gnome universe Posts: 2,020
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    Is this the only DVD that this happens to?

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    have you had any problems with JP3 or Pearl Harbor? these three discs have been having THX flag problems on many recievers...(audio drop outs)

    i wonder if this is another problem with these encoded discs?
    do you have your component running through the rec. or directly to the TV. the problems have been audio so far, i haven't heard of too many video problems...
  • Micah CohenMicah Cohen Ruler of the gnome universe Posts: 2,020
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  • goingganzogoingganzo Posts: 2,797
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    this te olny dvd i have a problem with i have pearl harbor and no problem
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    YES!! Last night I rewired a friend's reciever for him (Sony 940, he's not really an audiophile). And we wanted to test out some different movies when done. We remembered how amazing Jurassic Park III was sound wise, and poped it in. Every 5 seconds or so, the audio would drop out like 5-10 db! No other discs had this problem. Now I know why!

    Maybe this comes from cramming three discrete audio tracks onto one disc? (DTS, DD 5.1 English, and DD 5.1 French) Bad encoding?

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    the jp 3 i have seems to work fine nothing noticable (pic or audio)
    so far i have yet to have any dvd probs..even with the avia disc which sez that some dvd players will have a hard time to play because of so much inf.. i have a proscan that is a few years old it keeps up with all the encoding..just bought alantis and we will see if i notice the probs in that one ?? hope not
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