Thinking of changing my DefTech home theater to Polk R700

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Ok you guys are the best and helped me a few years back switch out my music only upstairs loft —- from Klipsch Bookshelf RB5 to my current Polk L200 in my upstairs loft. Nothing short of spectacular. ! After 100 plus hours of break in (you guys said be patient with the break in ) and moving them out into the room a bit from the back wall. — just awesome sound. !!!

Based on that I have become spoiled —— I have been loving the sound so much. It seems they can really almost do no wrong. In that small upstairs loft no sub needed either. Just a neutral speaker no empathized anything — I love it. My AS2200 Yammie , Rotel CD KI , Oppo 105 , Technics TT all sound wonderful. Endgame bookshelf speaks

Anyways —here we go

Really really tempted to purchase Polk R700s to replace my Def Tech 7002/ClR 2500 set. I really really love the L200s in my upstairs loft with my Yamaha integrated. They sound sooo good for music. My Def Techs have done the job for 17 years in my old condo and now my downstairs AV system. But since I have started listening to the L200s for the past few years I am starting to really compare —-as much as I shouldn’t I notice the Def Techs just aren’t even close on music .. almost like the DefTechs are indistinct and boomy // but —-. For home theater the def techs have always been amazing and I have a GoldenEar xxl super sub that works wonderfully

But now I am tempted for the R700 and a matching center (L400) for a much better sounding for music and just as good or better for movies (the def techs still rock for home theater .. could be the bipolar sound ? ) but I would expect the R700 to be just as good at home theater.

This L200s spoiled me !!

My downstairs living room , I would be sitting about 9 feet from the speaks. With the surround speaks right behind me where they are now

The room is 12.25 (couch to TV wall) by 11.5 (window wall to end of couch ) it’s carpeted. The rest of the living area outside of the living room is a kitchen and dining room in the back.

I would assume the R700s in this space would sound much better than the DefTechs based on my experiences with the L200 .. I know it’s a bit different in some ways but it has a similar tweeter and similar build in a larger tower. I would think it would be better balanced and have much more clarity than the DefTechs

Any advice or ideas peeps ?

I do appreciate you once again helping me on my audio journey :)



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    We are here to help you spend your money! Do it!

    Dilly dilly!
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    Go for it
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    Ai spam, next level! Reported
    - Not Tom ::::::: Any system can play Diana Krall. Only the best can play Limp Bizkit.
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    Ai spam, next level! Reported

    Seriously! Damn.
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