New to me DAC

sucks2beme Posts: 5,568
Went to an estate sale the other week. Whole lot of audio stuff.
I found a mint Sennheiser hd650 and a Schiit Bifrost 2 DAC.
Got both for $280. I've owned the old model hd650 before, but
I had heard that Sennheiser had made some changes to the sound.
Yes, I think the later models sound better.
The Schiit is a pretty nice unit. It includes balanced outputs and
can be hardware and software updated to the 2/64. The sound didn't
Impress me much until I updated the firmware. I immediately noticed
the improvement. My other DAC was an Audio-gd nfb3. The Audio-gd
has almost too much bass. The Schiit has very good bass and sounds
Very good across the whole spectrum. Reviews are split whether the
Bifrost 2 or 2/64 sounds better. For now, not planning to upgrade.
It's a shame the guy's Parasound Amp was already sold.

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