Fortnite is stuck while connecting the screen

Hi, I have been playing Fortnite on my PC for the past few days now. But recently there is a problem on Fortnite, the game is stuck while connecting the screen. I dont know what could be the issue. Can anyone please help to solve the issue? Any help would be highly appreciated.


  • VR3
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    Turn it off and back on
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  • JackStehr
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    VR3 wrote: »
    Turn it off and back on

    I have several times done this, but still I was getting the same problem.
    But anyway, I have resolved the issue with the help of this article. The things which I have done, first I verified the game file and then run the program as an administrator.
    Then I disabled the firewall and finally reinstalled the game. After completing these methods perfectly, the problem got solved. Now I have no longer any issues while connecting screen. :)