Led Zeppelin Atlantic SD19126 record

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So I'm starting to replace my very well worn out Zeppelin records and this is the first one I've picked up. Not sure what happened to the one I had many moons ago so I do not recall specifics about it. It was probably played on very low end stuff anyways and then recorded to cassette for my boom box.

While the record itself is in VG+ condition I noticed much of Plant's vocals are right center and the drums are hard right. Is this the way it was produced or do I have a bad album?
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    My version doesn't sound like you describe.
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    I do know, especially for the time, they did have some unusual mixes. I don't know Zeppelin catalogue well enough to decipher it by record number. Being you don't have any Roman numerals or additional title(s), am correctly assuming, this is the first Zeppelin album ? As pointed up, I too, do not recall a 'hard right' balance of the kit... doesn't make much sense to, either.