TRADE SDA/RTA MW 65XX Drivers/Woofers..

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Okay, This is a Long Shot I am sure, but you never know if you don't throw it out there.

I have a Few MW 6503's and MW6511's, I also have (1) MW6509

I would like to trade for some MW6510's

I am also willing to purchase them if you do not want to trade..

I would prefer them to not be JB WELDED, or Dynamated, Dynamat is not a deal breaker depending how it was applied.

And be in perfect cosmetic condition.

Sorry, I am a little picky, I do not like the look of JB Weld, if you have used another glue, and it has been applied looking good we can talk..

The trades I have are virgin, No Glue or Dynamat, and in perfect cosmetic condition. If you prefer me to glue them before I send them, we can talk as well..

Again, if you would prefer just to sell, I am all for that as well.

Redrum. 😎