Hello! I'm new here but have been a Polk Audio fan for quite some time. (I used to sell Polk sound bars when I worked for your major satellite company.) I came across a pair of Polk 7b at the local Goodwill... and snatched them out of the crate they were in. And wow, these things are amazing! I've had them for about 2 years now and have been my main living room speakers since I've hooked them em up. However, I feel like they can sound a whole lot better on a different amp.

I currently have them connected to a more modern Yamaha RX V485.

But really, I'm wondering what everyone else has these bad boys running through??

I also have a pair of vintage Realistic NOVA 7b that also sound great in their own right.

Let me know some of your rigs.
I would love get some ideas as to what to run these through.



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    Welcome to the forum. My suggestion is to get your read on here as there is tons of info on your speakers and what people are using to drive them.

    You'll also find info on upgrading the crossovers and other mods that will result in sufficient sonic improvements.
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    Welcome aboard!
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    If they are 7B's with SL1000 tweeters, there is your problem. Welcome to the jungle.
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    $100 eBay AVR
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    Rated Output Power (1 kilohertz, 1ch driven): 115 Watts (8 ohms, 0.9 percent THD)

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