RTA12C Speakers - Sell or Keep?

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We are cleaning out our big old home to get it ready to sell and I found my old Polk Audio RTA12C speakers sitting in a corner of our game room idle for many, many years. They were working fine when I decided to go surround sound and bought a 7 speaker Mirage Audio setup. Since then, for at least 12 years, they have just been sitting there in the gameroom corner. Once I dusted off the grills, and looked at the drivers, they still look almost brand new. Should I sell them or put them in my climate controlled storage to keep forever. If I sell them, what are they worth? ifm139aq0kcr.jpg2qqzr57h67t0.jpg7jde31b3c5os.jpg25sahil1qpea.jpg


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    Do not store, as they aren't worth it IMHO.
    Intact maybe worth $200 for the pair...local buyer in working, tested condition

    Parted out maybe worth $150 each speaker for the (2)-mid-woofers and PR...the tweeter isn't worth nothing as there is a better replacement
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    They’re one of the coolest looking and sounding vintage polks, never know until you list them, if you’re in a big city you’ll have more people shopping obviously. Yours appear to be in good cosmetic shape, most have damaged top hats by now.

    I have a pair that I replaced capacitors and upgraded the tweeters on, world of difference and very fun to listen to, plus I love the big bold 80s
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    Those wouldn't leave my doorstep under 300.00
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    In SF Bay Area $300-350 is kinda fair market price. But most of those speakers sit on sale for weeks and months. One guy accepted my $200 offer, so this is the only RTA12 sold in this area in the last 6 months.

    And I think it is better top pass them to somebody who will use and enjoy them instead of storing for ever. They've been made to produce music after all.