Snake River *possible* demo for Club Polk members poll....



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    Jesse, I simply don't think it's a tiered system, it's more that different systems fit better with different recipes. Think of this...

    If you go to an Italian restaurant, you can order Shrimp Scampi or Spaghetti Al Carbonara - they are both meals, not on different 'tiers'. They are just different recipes with different ingredients that cost differently. In the case of these power cords, it's the same thing. Differing recipes/ingredients yield differing prices.
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    God damn.....and here I thought I was stubborn. We shall just agree to disagree, ya' old ****. Damn.

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    Snake River Power cord for Components?
    What do you know! This review from 2015....look at associated equipment

    Associated Components:

    Source: Macintosh Mac Mini; Sonos Digital Music System; Musical Fidelity M1CDT Transport

    Playback Software: Amarra 2

    NAS: Buffalo Linkstation 500G

    DAC: BMC PureDAC; Eastern Electric Minimax DSD DAC Jr, Eastern Electric Minimax DSD DAC Supreme with Burson, Dexa NewClassD and Sparkos Labs Discrete Opamp Upgrade; ifi Micro USBPower and Micro DAC

    Preamp: TEO Audio Liquid Preamplifier; VAC Renaissance Signature Preamplifier Mk II; Pass Labs XP-20; Cambridge Audio 840E

    Amps: VAC Phi 200; Pass Labs X600.5 Monos; Wells Audio Innamorata

    Integrated Musical Fidelity M6i

    Speakers: Kingsound King III; Legacy Audio DSW Clarity Edition; Kingsound King Tower omnidirectional; Vapor Audio Nimbus White

    Subwoofers: Legacy Audio XTREME HD (2)

    IC’s: Clarity Cable Organic RCA/XLR; Snake River Audio Signature Series Interconnects; Silent Source “The Music Reference”

    Speaker Cables: Clarity Cable Organic Speaker; Snake River Audio Signature Series Speaker Cables; Silent Source “The Music Reference”

    Digital Cables: Clarity Cable Organic Digital; Snake River Audio Boomslang; Silent Source “The Music Reference”

    Power Cables: Clarity Cable Vortex; MIT Oracle ZIII; Xindak PF-Gold; Snake River Audio Signature Series; Silent Source “The Music Reference”

    Power Conditioning: Wireworld Matrix Power Cord Extender; Tice Audio Solo

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