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Just bought a house and it was newly renovated. They put 4 RC85i’s in the wall. They are mounted about 14’ high on the side walls, as our great room is two stories. My question is, is this correct or should I move them lower?

Also, I cannot find where they ran the wires…I can see that they ran them to one hole in the top plate of the wall but it’s in a place that doesn’t make any sense. Is there a way that you can convert them to a data cable because I found some cables labeled “great room top left” etc.

Any suggestions on fronts or sound bar to go with them?

First timer so go easy on me!


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    You definitely want them lower, like around ear level when you are either sitting or standing, whatever will be more common in that room. Clearly they were just thinking whole house background music. But unless you good with sheet rock, can float tape texture and paint, it’ll cost you more to move them than it’s worth.

    The speakers connect with speaker wire (like thick lamp cord). It would make sense to be somewhere near the tv in that room, or in a closet somewhere. With a 2 story house running wire can be a real PITA, so doing anything other that just finding the hook up area and plugging them in might be too much…
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    Would make great surround speakers
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    Agree, it seems like it's a whole house approach for music at parties. Keep those where they are and try something else with surround speakers if the room would be used for home theater. A soundbar, side and rear surrounds should now be at seated ear level.
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