What to upgrade next?



  • treitz3
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    Glad you are having some fun. You are correct, you do NOT want to toe in any SDA speaker. I left that in there because you had mentioned that you have other speakers in and out of rotation (or at least I thought you had mentioned that).

    BTW, I think you are doing this the right way. Asking advice. I did that when I first joined this and another (now defunct) forum. My audio journey has been a blast ever since and the sound that I am getting these days is well beyond what I ever thought possible.

    One word of advice? Put up a separate *Wanted* ad in the Wanted (WTB) Classifieds. It'll get more member's attention that way. Also, scour Craigslist for damaged speakers that people just want to get out of the house. You may get lucky and pick up plenty of spares for next to nothing. Just make sure the drivers are in good shape before purchasing.

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    Thanks Tom.

    I do have a couple other sets of speakers in the rotation you were right about that.

    I love being able to be part of the forum. This hobby can feel pretty lonely and it's nice to have other people to chat with who share a common passion.

    I'll add a post to the WTB page. One of my drivers has a damaged surround that the previous owner repaired with... hot glue? Maybe epoxy, but I bet it's just hot glue. At lower volume it's not an issue, but when you start putting a bit of juice to it the driver starts to pop and buzz. Magnet shift wouldn't surprise me either.

    I need a couple of 6510s but they're much easier to come by.