Stylus cleaning method

Looking for the best way to clean my stylus?


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    Looking for the best way to clean my stylus?

    I don't know about "best", but there are a few different methods out there. Might have to try some and decide for yourself which you prefer.

    You can buy one of the sticky things like the Onzow Zerodust, a cleaning brush and fluid like the one Vinyl Styl offers, and/or some people like the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser thing method.

    Have you tried anything yet? Is there anything in particular you're looking to do or problems you've had with certain methods?
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    As already mentioned, lots of different options out there, all yielding similar results. But the BEST way to keep your stylus clean is to keep your RECORDS clean.
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    Ortofon recommends a simple stylus brush and a simple cleaning method. Nothing else is required. Given the low cost I'd just get a name brand one or two. I also agree that clean records reduce the need for cleaning the stylus.
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    This stuff by Record Doctor seems to work well . I've also used Magic Eraser with success. Microscope shows good results. Just be careful not to apply too much force, especially lateral as you could bend the stylus. With the Magic Eraser, I just cut a little piece thick enough that when I lower the arm it gently sets the stylus onto the foam and apply no other force.

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    My stylus hasn't had a spec of dust on it since my streamer arrived a couple months ago :) . One less thing to worry about.
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    The (very) old Discwasher SC-1 brush still seems to me to be a good choice. It needs to be used with a fluid with very good wetting characteristics. "Real" Discwasher fluid has gone the way of low interest rates ;) but a reasonable facsimile can be concocted with high quality distilled or RODI water, a little (in the vicinity of 10 to 20% v/v) ethanol or methanol (if the former, it needs to be non denatured, or denatured with something benign for the application such as methanol) and a wee bit of a nonionic surfactant like Triton TX-100.

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