Need a Monitor 70 terminal cup

Does anyone have or know where to get a terminal cup for a Monitor 70 (original- not Series 2... not that that really matters)? I purchased a set with matching center from a lady locally on Facebook Marketplace for $50 but 1 of them had a terminal cup that was pretty busted up. I've searched everywhere but no one seems to have just the terminal cup itself without the crossover for a different speaker. I bought a generic cup from Amazon but the standoffs on the back aren't long enough to fit the crossover without mounting it backwards. I searched all over Google for one that would work but none seem to have the standoffs that are large enough to fit the crossover without mounting it backwards to the cup, which makes the wiring an awkward fit. I know I could just get a complete assembly from another speaker and swap the crossover but don't want to do that unless that is the only option, as that would be a waste of a good part for someone who needs the crossover. Thanks in advance.