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You guys got any funny stuff you enjoy that hasn't quite hit mainstream?

I've always enjoyed the Flight of the Conchords stuff. Last year, I think it was, HBO had a series called Our Flag Means Death with one of the guys from Flight, and Taika Waititi, who's friggin' hilarious. The other characters are funny in their own ways, as well, especially Black Pete. He's a liar with a lisp who tries to be a tough guy. He's also funny because he looks exactly like one of the guys I used to work with.

The comedy in these programs is a bit understated, subtle; nuanced, and more funny in situational ways that is cumulative between episodes. Also in the ways the characters play it.

Taika Waititi was a new one for me, but that dude is stupendous as Blackbeard.

These are both available on HBOMAX. Don't be afraid, subscribe for a month, watch these, and dump it if there's nothing else you want to watch. Personally, I've been meaning to get Showtime again, to finish all the Ray Donovans, not that that's comedy.

Flight of the Conchords

Our Flag Means Death
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  • chrispyfur
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    I've convinced a few people to watch The Death Of Stalin. Maybe it's more well known than I realize but nobody I know had seen it.

    I came away from that movie sore from laughing so much!

    Another one with Taika is Jojo Rabbit. Absolutely hilarious!
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    Ah, good stuff! I just noticed Jojo Rabbit in passing on IMDB the other day.

    Death of Stalin - good call, my brother mentioned that a while back saying same as you. I'll move that one up the list.
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  • Keiko
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    Here's a classic from 1992. Hilarious stuff.