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Anybody watching this series? I wasn't going to go any further than the 1st 2 episodes but my wife insisted we do, glad we did. Not every episode is a winner and we almost fast forwarded thru an entire episode in season 2(which was full of some big names). The character development has been good and the plot has kept us interested. Never thought a series about a restaurant would appeal to me.

Something I have noticed about many of today's series/movies is the entirely un-needed and over use of F bombs. That's the one ingredient in this show that could do with less.
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    Correct about the F bombs...not that I am offended myself but they are thrown into scripts nowadays to replace actual interesting content. The show itself doesn't make much sense at times. The restaurant is supposed to be an italian beef / hotdog joint in Chicago but then you see people making pastries and cakes and running the place like its an actual nice restaurant with a chef. Also all the employees treat each other really poorly and are always screaming at each other. I guess this is supposed to portray the gruff Windy City attitude or something. I dunno.
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    I once watched Goodfellas, edited for tv.
    Zero dialog, Good soundtrack.
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