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    I don't really see how a USB stick, connected directly (or through a short extension cable) to the Lumin would introduce any noise.
    I would expect the Lumin is just going to read the files to memory and then play back from said memory. While its playing back from internal memory, the USB stick would just be dormant. I would think it has enough RAM/buffer memory to store a whole song if not a whole album at a time.
    I think using a hub would have the potential to introduce many more problems than the REL cable might eliminate.
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    We are definitely getting off topic here. That was not my intention. My apologies to those who came to this thread to learn about the thread topic.

    Feel free to take this recent discussion back to my other server thread, so that this thread can get back and stay on topic.

    And FWIW, I do not think a USB stick with a short extension would add much noise. Not enough to botch the test, at least.....if the noise was even detectable at all.

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    Tom, topic drift is what we do here :D
    This thread was dead anyway until some spammer posted something.

    I'm just glad to see some activity in this subforum.
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    I use a team mobile 5g internet connection. I had to move it to another
    room due to noise. It was causing havoc with my headphone rig.
    I currently use wifi for all my networking, but there are network
    drops in some locations in the house if needed. So I don't need
    anything like this in my system. The built in wifi covers the house
    just fine. I did use a quality access point when I still used cable. The stock
    Xfinity box was pretty worthless, so I was also running an aftermarket
    one. My music is all ripped to flac and stored locally next to the stereo.
    I do stream radio paradise sometimes.
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