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Does anyone currently use old stuff in your main system? I have a Hafler DH100 preamp and Hafler DH220 power amp that I built from kits back in 1986. They still sound great and get used every day because we run the TV sound through them. My speakers are almost as old.

So does anyone else use "vintage" gear?
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  • organorgan Posts: 5,022
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    I'm using a Dyna ST-70 tube amp. It was designed in the 50's and came out in 59. The amp were sold all the way to the 70's. I've yet to hear another amp that I like more than the ST-70.


  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 44,944
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    You'll find a lot of guys in here that have vintage rigs. I have a '60's Pioneer SA-500 integrated (8 wpc) with a matching TA-500 tuna hooked up to the original baby Advents. It's in my guest bedroom and for FM radio it's not bad, plus it looks cool.

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  • gidrahgidrah Posts: 3,036
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    Except for the DVD and CD players, I'm totally vintage on all rigs.

    McIntosh, JBL, Pioneer, Altec Lansing, Dynaco, Dual, mmmm yummy! :D
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  • gatemplingatemplin Posts: 1,595
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    I use a Sansui AU-999 integrated amp from about 1970 and I also have a Pioneer SX-8560 (same as SX-650 I think). Vintage stuff is great because it is fairly cheap, well built, and sounds amazing.
  • scottnbnjscottnbnj Posts: 709
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    right now i'm running the carver receiver and have some other stuff stashed away. jbl r-103's, polk monitor 7b's and small boston acoustics all need either drivers or reconing. small missions still running(not sure how to check drivers, i'm hoping they don't have foam but they sound ok for background music). i want to introduce the denon dp-60l turntable to the lsi9s, but i'm waiting until i can give them a proper introduction.

  • dcarlsondcarlson Posts: 1,740
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    Dynaco ST-70 here too but that's all I've got that's vintage. So far anyway.
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  • steveinazsteveinaz Posts: 19,464
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    I've often thought about putting together a vintage rig that matches my first system. I had a Pioneer SX-780 receiver, Pioneer CT-F500 Cassette deck, Pioneer PL-512 TT, Pioneer HPM-40 speakers. Ah, those were the days.....
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  • amulfordamulford Posts: 5,198
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    I have some older stuff in a 2 CH rig, But it's not currently in use. I'm thinking about setting the rig up in my boathouse...
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  • George GrandGeorge Grand Posts: 12,272
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    The sun rose and set on the original Acoustic Research, KLH, and Advent companies. I have many original products from all three companies in use around the house. They are still viable products to this day.

    I had a lot of Dynaco but sold it off. Had a DH-110 and DH-500 but sold those off.

    The only vintage piece in my main He-Man rig would be a Tandberg TCD-310 cassette deck.

    Vintage pieces in my half-**** stereo only home theater rig would be an Apt "Holman" preamp, Onkyo M-5090 power amp, and a pair of 1979 or so AR-9 speaks. My daughters bedrooms, and my garage and office rigs use a lot of the AR, KLH, and Advent.

    There's a couple yahoos on this forum that feel if it wasn't manufactured yesterday, and they don't carry it in their store, it's not listenable. If you can ignore those couple troublesome folks, you'll find a lot of vintage users here.

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  • steveinazsteveinaz Posts: 19,464
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    I absolutely adore vintage AR and Advent speakers, so simple, yet soooo good. I will be forever kicking myself in the **** for selling my AR9Lsi's...
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  • benefitsmanbenefitsman Posts: 2
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    My Sansui 5000X 200watt amp from 1970 still works fine.
  • TroyDTroyD Posts: 12,321
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    Depends on what you consider 'vintage'.......

    The newest pieces in my main rig are the amps, Carver Silver 9t but I know that they are more than 10 years old.

    No, there is LOTS of great vintage gear out there. Hey, I encourage those guys who can't live without the new car smell. That means there is more vintage gear for those of us who dig it.

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  • mingram1234mingram1234 Posts: 31
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    My electronics are not exactly vintage but my speakers are-Polk 7b's that I purchased from a thrift shop for four dollars. One needed a tweeter the other a 6 1/2" driver. Still an excellent buy in my opinion. In my bedroom I run a Harman Kardon hk795i-it's only rated at 70wpc, but damn, it'll put most other receivers rated twice that to shame. Also I have a Harman Kardon CD301 cassette deck-which I recorded a few cd's onto good quality BASF353 tapes and it's really a close run as far as quality of sound goes. Also I am using a Sony NS-300 DVD player as my cd player, and a ADC SoundShaper200 for an equalizer. I also am using an Optimus SW-12 passive subwoofer. To me and my friends it sounds pretty damned good.
    Some of the older stuff is as good as a lot of todays stuff.
    Just my 2 cents.
  • cfrizzcfrizz Posts: 13,420
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    The oldest thing I have is my Sony turntable, at around 20 yrs old.
    next would be my Polk towers, Rotel CD & Onkyo Tape deck. They are 14 yrs old.
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  • VR3VR3 Posts: 23,941
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    Large Advents (10 inch woofs)

    Sansui Tuner

    Some POS Pioneers

    Lots of OLD stuff, not quite vintage yet...
    - Not Tom

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  • dragon1952dragon1952 Posts: 4,736
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  • danger boydanger boy Posts: 15,888
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    i don't have any vintage gear in my main HT rig.. but i do in my 2 ch computer rig.

    Yamaha CA-610II integrated amp 50wpc
    Pioneer TX-9500II tuner
    Polk Monitor 7b's

    my main rig is getting old enough that before I know it.. it'll be considered vintage. :p
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