Old Radio Parts

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I have these two boxes of old radio parts. I have no idea what most of these are. Can anyone here tell if they have any value? Should I toss it all or eBay them? If eBay, sell all together or maybe keep like pieces together? I would dust and clean to make for better photos. I believe some are tuner parts. A few nice large Bakelite dials. The original owner of my home, built in 1957, operated a TV and radio repair shop in the basement. He saved these parts for whatever reason. Thanks for any help!


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    Everything has a value to someone. I'd put them on eBay.
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    100% agree...blow them out and clean them up, especially the dial and potentiometers.

    At the very least post in a bulk cleaned and laid out.

    Dials are important for a restorer.
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    You have some variable wire wound resistors and tuning condensers, a meter of some kind and tuning knobs. Those could be of interest to radio enthusiasts. If you have a local ARRL (American Radio Relay League) they can tell you when the next ham fest is in your area and for a few dollars you can set up a "for sale" table.
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    Thanks for your replies.