Thoughts on upping my digital game.....

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So, in the living room rig.....I've found that the majority of my listening is done via Tidal though the Cambridge CXN v2.

Now, I've heard what's possible via Tom and Trey's digital rigs and while I'm not ready to ditch vinyl and silver discs.....I'm thinking of upping my game a bit (re on a limited budget)

In my price range....2500 or so.... I'm looking at something along the lines of a a Lumin T2. I've heard Trey's rig and it's to die for and nobody seems to think Lumin sucks and the T2, in my price range looks like a pretty sweet option.

The other possibility I'm mulling is a Bryston BDA-3 DAC.

I like this option because I could keep the Cambridge and also connect the OPPO universal player to it as well (it supports DSD native via HDMI so I can bypass the weaker DACS on the OPPO). The spotential downsides that I see is that there are a few more moving parts (TLW uses this rig so simple is better) and no MQA....which I don't have an official position on MQA and don't wish to engage in a Urinary Olympiad over it's relative merits....I'm just saying that option doesn't have MQA as an option.




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    MQA is dead, so don't concern yourself with it.
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    I’m a fan of modular systems myself, so an external DAC is a good option. On the other hand, the streamer itself does make a big difference. So, I might start with the lumin and then another upgrade down the road could be the DAC…
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