Is upsampling a good thing or does it introduce artifacts?

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Hello and good Sunday morning to you. Lately, I have disabled all upsampling of music. It seems that I either get a slight lateral move, no change at all or a degredation, mixed in with unwanted artifacts whenever I try to upsample. Over the course of the last few months, I do not recall ever hearing any "Wow!" moments or even a, "Hey that does sound better!" moment.

I had always thought that upsampling was a good thing and offers you more to the music. My experience, albeit very limited at this point, has told me otherwise.

Now, I am not talking about video here. Strictly 2 channel audio. Again, my experience might as well be considered a rookie with this, as I have never really futzed around with it much, until recently.

That said, is there a certain way to do it? If I upsample, is/are there other parameters that would need to be changed in order to bring out the best of the upsample? Am I trying to upsample too little or do you go from whatever the current feed is to 192?

Like I said, I am a rookie at this kind of stuff and reading the Wikipedia page is basically a bunch of math equations that do not speak to me in layman's terms.

This thread is for a discussion about this specific subject. One that I'd like to learn about, if it actually can increase the end result as to what hits these ears.



The above images were taken from the Lumin app. I turned back on the resampling to show you all what the options are, took the screenshots and turned the upsampling (or re-sampling, as they call it) back off.

Please allow me to pick your brains and experience on this one. I'd like to improve, if possible, but it seems as if my experimentation thus far hasn't been a benefit.

One final question on this. At the very bottom, it has an option for Output Bit Depth. When experimenting, I usually set this to 24bit. My theory was that you would want the output to be maximized when upsampling. Is this where I messed up? Please advise and thanks.

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    Good question, can’t wait to read the consensus.

    Personal observation, from an Esoteric player years ago, I never heard a difference when upsampling.
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    I'm not streaming, but my Cambridge 840C is an upsampling player that also allows one to select sampling frequency, word length, and dither "on" or "off" etc. Doug Schroeder's review of it explains upsampling and such digital processing in layman's terms (much of it still goes over my head, lol). In the end, I agree with Schroeder that this player, using balanced interconnects, sounds best (realism) using the "pass through" mode (no upsampling):
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    I don't have a lot of hands on experience with choosing up sampling or not. But I have done some reading in the past and it seems it can be recording dependent. Some sound good up sampled and some don't.

    I have a personal issue with paralysis of analysis so I need to keep my settings and choices to a minimum or I go crazy analyzing everything to the nth degree. That's why I was thinking (just thinking) of getting rid of tubes. The combinations based on the tubes I own are almost infinite. I have been able to "set it and forget it" with far.


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    So, no further thoughts or observations with changing the sample rates?

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    You over think things.
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    I listen to digital upsampled at DSD128 most of the time because that's the default on my gear. That does involve upsampling and upsampling does produce artifacts, from everything I've read, but those are moved so high above hearing level through computing power and then filtered so that they have no negative effect on the sound that can be heard.

    The result is a smoother more natural tone to my ears on tracks that are native 16 bit PCM audio. Makes no difference with high resolution PCM or FLAC that I can hear because the bandwidth with 24 bit audio is very high. I can tell the difference by switching the upsampling feature on and off and ending up with a harsher and grainier sound on 16 bit tracks. It's similar but better than what I used to hear with HDCD on a high quality player.
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    Keep in mind the lumin will only up sample to what your dac can play.

    The lampizator doesn't sample anything over 24 bit/96khz
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