wiring Polk Atrium Sub100

Receiver is a Panasonic SA-HE100 (https://www.manualslib.com/manual/119574/Panasonic-Sa-He100.html?page=7#manual)

Currently outdoors had 2 polk atrium 8 speakers setup in solo mode on either side of the deck (24 feet). Had speakers wired to the speaker terminals on the receiver. Wife said not enough bass so I bought atrium sub 100 to use. Immediately after getting it read "designed only for Atrium Sat300"

Well anyway I wired it the best I could figure out (im a complete idiot with this stuff) and I do feel the bass. But it only is really felt if the volume is above 50%.

So questions:

Does me wiring it the way I did make it ineffective? Do I need an adapter? Should it be going solely through "subwoofer out"?

Is this just the nature of outdoor subwoofers? that you don't 'feel' them unless its pretty loud? I've drawn a diagram and included my wiring setup. 0u3sw66jtavg.jpeg


  • F1nut
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    With a -3dB limit of 50 Hz you can't expect much bass from it, especially outdoors. Therefore, if you need to increase the volume level to get anything out of it, so be it.
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