Would you share the resistance of RD6515-2 drivers

Hello ALL,
First time posting, just registered. I've been looking for info her and enjoying quite a few posts for some time.
My hope is to have my dead RTi150 back to life. The tweeters are shot, PCS suggested BD 0132-W (8 ohm) as replacement. Neither model is to be found.
The RD6515-2 are pressed in the plastic bezel/plate, my efforts to push the front with the dome out of the plate failed so far. There must be a trick here?
Anyway, changing the dome/diaphragm is one thing, second option is to replace the tweeters with some with close specs. It might require modifications on the cabinet.

So, what is the resistance/DC on the original tweeter?
I guess it should be 4 ohms in order to stay in line with the rest.
(3x woofers, 1.3 ohm each in series, 1x mid, 3.4 ohm).
Much appreciated.