Peerless tweeter, was dented at some point

Cloth domes can get pushed in and pop back out, sometimes leaving a line like you see in the pics.
Any idea if this “line” makes an audible difference?
When you consider all the reflections going on in a 16x12x8 room by the time the sound gets to your ears, maybe a moot point?
I have older Peerless tweeters that I can use. They don’t have the holes.
Aren’t the holes for lessening a breakup mode at louder volume?
Thanks for any insight. juh51izcp0f3.jpeg


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    Polk used a soldering iron to burn the hole in the domes, there was no clear answer to why. We've heard what you stated and due to shipping overseas in unpressurized shipping areas. I've heard both and cannot tell a difference to my ears. The little fold mark is not concerning, it shouldn't affect the sound.
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    According to Polk full page advertisement: "The dome is vented (aperture tuned) in much the same way that woofer systems are tuned to further smooth out its response curve and improve transient response and power handling"
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    Thanks guys.
    Good to hear comments from experts!