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I thought that I read on this forum that we can get replacement parts directly from Polk. I'm looking for a set of SL2500 tweeters. Where is the Polk store where you buy the replacement parts? Does anyone have a link? The only source I can find for these parts is Midwest Speaker Repair. Is that the new place to go to get replacement parts?


  • Schurkey
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    SL2500 tweeters are not sold. There may be an upgrade/replacement, though.

    Contact Polk/Sound United Customer Service via telephone. 1 (800) 377-7655

    Sometimes they have stock, sometimes they don't. Seems very intermittent.
  • F1nut
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    The SL2500 is long out of production. The replacement is part # RD0198-1 available by calling Polk or ordering from Midwest. The replacement is a much better tweeter.
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