This could be interesting… Paul and Ringo recording with The Stones!

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    Cool. Have not heard much from Ringo in recent years, but Paul's last album was decent.
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    Just because…… it’s gonna be epic and I’m sure I’ll have it the day it drops !
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    Just because…… it’s gonna be epic and I’m sure I’ll have it the day it drops !

    1. Don't use the word "drops" too loudly around those guys! ;)
    2. Between the lot of 'em, that's, like, what -- 400 years of rock 'n' roll experience? B)


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    Reminds me of the South Park episode of Rod Stewart live in concert... :D
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    the song is a remake titled 'We Love You II'
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    audioluvr wrote: »
    Reminds me of the South Park episode of Rod Stewart live in concert... :D

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    I don't know...that would be a lot of egos in one studio. Lennon might be rolling over in his grave; he was not very fond of Mr. Jagger.
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    I'm out. No Yoko? Forget it. Without her lush vocals, this project's destined to failure before it even gets started. She would be the glue the keeps the team together.
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