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I'll admit upfront that I am not a computer wizard. However, a week ago I purchased a Sonic Transporter i5 from Small Green Computer as that company stopped supporting their Vortexbox music server, which had been an intergral part of our home's music for many years. Both the new server and the VB work with LMS Squeezebox and this was a key reason we stayed with this company's products.

I copied our FLAC files into the new server and looked for them on my Squeezebox Touch. The Touch device asked me to install a necessary update, which I did. Now, I am unable to rescan my files under settings on the LMS website. I receive this error massage pasted below:

Squeezebox Radio/Touch/Controller and Logitech Media Server 8+

Unfortunately some firmwares for Squeezebox Radio, Touch, and Controller come with a bug which prevents them from connecting correctly to Logitech Media Server 8+. The version string comparison function fails to recognize 8.0.0 as more recent than 7.7.3. While the bug has been fixed years ago in version 7.8, the fixed firmware never got released to all devices. Unfortunately we're at this point not able to build a fixed firmware for distribution.

But there's a patch available, which you can easily install on an existing Squeezebox Radio/Touch/Controller:

On the Squeezebox go to Settings/Advanced/Applet Installer, install the Patch Installer. The device will re-boot.
Once it's back, go to Settings/Advanced/Patch Installer and install the "Version Comparison Fix".
When done patching all your devices you might need to restart Logitech Media Server to make the warning go away.

Enjoy the music on your Squeezebox Radio/Touch/Controller!

However, the patch "Version Comparison Fix" does not show up under the Patch Installer and I remain unable to rescan my FLAC files to update my music.

Has anyone had experience with this problem?

Thanks for any and all help!


  • So you were forced to update the firmware? I don't have your setup so I'm not sure I can help but I have firmware 7.8.0-r16754 and my version of LMS installed on my desktop computer is: 8.0.0 - 1605892076. I haven't been prompted to update the firmware recently and I don't recall if I did ever. I control my SBT by the "Web Remote Control" function of LMS.

    Did it access your files before the firmware update?
    Can you ask for support from the manufacturer of the new server?
    Can you reset the SBT to factory defaults to see if it will work?
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    Thank you for your advice!
  • bikezappa
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    Thank you and I'm going to give your suggestions a try!
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    There's also the Squeezebox/LMS forums you can check out.

    If I remember correctly, if you're stuck and LMS isn't pushing out firmware to your SBTs, there's a process for manually updating a SBT using a USB thumb drive with the firmware on it.

    Does that Sonic Transporter run LMS? I'm not familiar with SGC or Vortexbox aside from just having heard of them.
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    The Signature Sonore server I purchased used had vortexbox v2.? on it. I was able to upgrade to v2.4 but could not get v2.5 to work. I have Roon and fortunately their free Rock (Linux) software worked. Since my server isn't supported hardware, I could be one update away from Rock not working.

    Have you contacted Andrew at SGC as Gardenstater suggested to see if they have a solution? Andrew is supportive of his products.
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    Thanks for this information. You have given me some good direction in my search for answers. As for Andrew, he was most helpful with my initial problems with SonicTransporter i5 set up. However, when the LMS/SB problem showed up, he suggested I look on the forums for answers as he did not have any helpful answers for this product.

    Thanks again for helping me out