I've got a pro power three in need of repair. I realize this amp is not worth much, but cosmetically it's mint, and frankly I think it sounds pretty good cranking out tunes in my basement shop system. Still plays great, but the cooling fan no longer works. Nothing wrong with the fan, no power at the connection point on the board. A Google search returns pretty much zero in terms of repair options. Anyone have experience with repair shops on the east coast that might be up for it?


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    Are you near Atlanta?

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    SE PA, Reading to be specific. I'm leaning toward EBC electronics in NJ. Though they don't, and neither does anybody else, list Soundcraftsmen as one of the brands they service.
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    Any self respecting electronics repair facility should work on vintage electronics. Not for free of course
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    Seems like the potential (no pun intended!) issues, if not the fan itself, would be the power supply to the fan or (if there is one) a thermostatic switch that turns it on and off. I would be surprised if the power supplied to the fan is unique to it; i.e., loss of power to the fan might reasonably be expected ;) to have other effects. IF (and that's a big if, since I don't know) there's a thermostat (or even just a relay) upstream of the fan -- it should be easy to diagnose and easy to repair.

    Is the fan AC or DC powered? @DaveHo When you say there's no power to it, did you check for AC or DC (or both)?

    I don't know this model Soundcraftsmen, but I'll see if I can find a schematic. :)

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    Whoop. Looks like the fan runs straight off the AC mains (EDIT: umm, or maybe it's from that fullwave bridge on the neutral leg?! derp :p ). Not much to go wrong; maybe the power connector for the fan (EDIT: or the bridge rectifier, the capacitor or the resistor in that little P/S... although, again, I would expect issues there to have "pleiotropic" effects in the amplifier!).

    EDIT^2: Pretty sure the fan's running from the AC mains. The 240V wiring inset on the schematic is what's confusing me. Well, at any rate, that's my story and I am sticking to it! :p

    jhd6e5xbwd9g.png Power Schematics.pdf

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    You can try Mort's in Levittown PA. That would be about a 1 hour drive for you. BTW I'm in the Reading PA area, too. Shillington.

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    I gave the schematic a scan and noticed there is a fuse (3A, 250V?). That is something to check, if it hasn't been mentioned.
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    I think that's the mains fuse (although 3A seems a bit low for a stereo power amp of any reasonable output). If so, though: were it popped, whole shebang'd be muerto.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. Let me pop the cover again and recheck the connection point on the board for power. Don't recall if I checked for both AC & DC. It very well may be the fan. When I didn't get any power at the board, I assumed it was not...
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    If you checked for DC and the connection is AC, you'd (edit: probably) see zero V. If you checked for DC and it's AC, you'd probably see zero V, too.
    Although I agree the fan should be more or less immortal. :)
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