Homemade mono amp stands

Made these for the bat vk-120 monoblocks cajo4ng1dwb4.jpg


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    Dig it!
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    Those look great!
  • bcwsrt
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    I was broke after buy those bat vk 120 least expensive ones I found for there size were $299 a piece . I did those for $150
  • rebelsoul
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    I wanted a little room around the amps going to have acrylic covers made when not in use
  • Emlyn
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    I have found it is not easy to find amp stands for tube amps with chassis that deep.
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    Good job, looks great.
  • muncybob
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    Cool! I wonder if your 4 legged friend will think they are a nice place to take a nap under.
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    Nice setup. Do they get warm?
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    Look great, nice workmanship.
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    In with 16 for the dog!
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    Looks great.... Congrats!
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