LSiM 706C Compatible Tweeter Replacement

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The original tweeter for the LSiM 706C is no longer available from Polk and it's not on Ebay at the moment. Mine is completely dead. The model number of the stock tweeter is RD2513-1. However, looking on Ebay, the RD2513-1 is not available at the moment and there are similar looking tweeters with different bezels available under model numbers RD0517-2, RD0517-8 and RD0518-2. The bezels can be removed and the tweeter looks like it'll fit perfectly. Has anyone used any of these as a replacement or is there another brand that people have used that they've had success with? I think it's crazy for Polk to no longer support or provide parts for one of their flagship series and tell us to rely on Ebay.
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    I solved my problem. I bought a Peerless Tympany tweeter from Parts Express for $30. But it required minor modifying. The new one typically mounts from the outside but the Polk requires it to be mounted from behind. After taking out the OEM tweeter I had to end up butchering it. I took out the three screws on the front, I cut out the surface material and removed the cap. This cap has the the screws on the sides that need to attach to the standoffs on the front panel.
    I used my Dremel to grind away the inner circle to make it wider enough to fit over the back of the new tweeter. Place the new tweeter in place and add a little bit of foam gasket to perfect air leaks, slide the modified bracket over the back of the tweeter, and screw it down. It fits perfectly and looks amazing. There's no way to know that this isn't OEM.
    It now sounds absolutely amazing and maybe this new tweeter will last longer than the OEM tweeters seen to last.