Polk Audio R300 tower speakers - test post

I am currently using Polk R300 tower speakers in my living room system. This is a test.


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    Pictures or it's not real
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    Now for more of an introduction about my passion for recorded music. As a grade 7 student, my school offered a music appreciation course. Purely by accident, this course pulled me into a lifelong fascination with classical music. Over the years, my listening expanded to include other musical genres, but admittedly about 75% of my 20-25 hours a week of listening is of classical music.

    Lord knows how many audio components and speaker systems I've utilized over the past 45 years! Currently, I have some gear needing refurbishing of one sort or another, to-wit: Pioneer SX-750 receiver, Sansui 881 receiver, Nakamichi 480 cassette, Thorens TD-165 turntable, Boston Acoustics A70 Series II speakers, Advent/3 speakers (mid-1970s era), and so forth. At the moment, I am enjoying a pair of Polk R300 towers connected to a Marantz 2230 receiver, Dual 1219 with Shure M97XE, JVC TD-W354 cassette, Sony CDP-297 CD player, and a smartphone with Amazon Unlimited streaming.

    Thanks so much for your thoughts about hi-fi, including vintage Polk speakers which I have admired in the past. P.S. These are not the current Polk Reserve Series R300 speakers, but the mainstream retail Polk R300 black two-way floorstanding speakers from about 15 years ago. I acquired these speakers in 2013 at Fry's Electronics. This isn't my ultimate hi-fi system but for the time being it's what I'm actually using in real life.
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    Do you ever listen barefoot?
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    Do you ever listen barefoot?

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    I am currently using Polk R300 tower speakers in my living room system. This is a test.
    Yes. Looks like the speakers are working.

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    Welcome to Club Polk, Ron.

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  • I am also using Polk R300 tower speakers in my room.
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    I don't usually get this much surreality this early in the morning.