Polk Lsim 705 and psw 1000. Low pass filter setup or no?

I’ve got a set of Lsim 705’s and a psw 1000 subwoofer. I’m finally setting up all my stuff in my main room and I’m seeking opinions on whether or not I should use the low pass filter with my particular setup.

My speakers are each being powered by their own 600 watt monoblocks (2x SAE a502 amps ran in monoblock setting). The psw1000 manual says to use the low pass filter setup with “bookshelf speakers” and full range setup with larger speakers. Is that correct?

My amp’s do provide PLENTY of headroom for the lsim’s, so that’s not something I need to worry about as far as reducing load on the amps, but I’m not sure if I could still benefit from separating those low frequencies.

I am also using the same sub through the lfe input with my separate home theatre amp. I built a switcher box that switches the amps being used to power the 705’s and also switches between the rca outs on my hifi setup preamp for music and lfe output for home theatre. Basically I’m using the same speakers with my hifi audio system, and for my home theatre receiver.

Reason I mention that, is that having to route rca’s to my subwoofer first to get the low pass to my amps would be a lot more complicated with the switching setup I have.

So, all that’s to say I’d love to not have to use the low pass filter for audio if it won’t really make much difference. But if it really would make a big difference I’m willing to run all of the extra cable it would take. I would assume separating those frequencies would be beneficial and maybe increase imaging and soundstage on the lsim’s.

Curious for some opinions on this.


  • F1nut
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    I’m seeking opinions on whether or not I should use the low pass filter with my particular setup.

    No need to use the low pass.
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    My comment was on the incorrect sub. My bad.

    Carry on...

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