Zenith Transoceanic 3000-1 Radio

My wife came into possession of this 1960’s radio.

Anybody know anything about this?


  • txcoastal1
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    That's cool looking especially since it's a clean unit. At least there is lots of internet and YouTube videos including restore videos
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  • skipshot12
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    It’s cool as hell.

    It’s got an antenna that’s at least 4’ long.
    Haven't a clue what the other 8 bands are, one is FM.

    Gonna have to do some searching to see what she found…
  • mhardy6647
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    Transoceanics were Zenith's top-end multiband radios for decades.
    They're still quite sought after in some circles.
    It's a multi-band radio with short-wave coverage (not useless in 2022 -- but nothing like what shortwave radio was before the internet). I don't know offhand if it also has VHF radio bands; i.e., aircraft -- which is still in use, and the old, and more or less irrelevant today "public service" and police bands.

    Lots of on-line info on Transoceanics. You might also want to try audiokarma's sibling site, http://videokarma.org/ Despite the name, that's a site for vintage radio stuff, too. :)

    There is one Transoceanic here -- predictably, it's not transistorized. ;)

  • pitdogg2
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    That is freaking cool as smell....
    I'll give you $20 for it!
  • audioluvr
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    If all else, it would make a really cool lunch pail!
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