Building a Dundovic tape playback preamplifier



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    Thanks for your list, I'll print it out and use it to search on eBay. I have the Kind of Blue tape, I was buying some used records at a shop on 31st Street in Baltimore and as I was paying I saw this tape. I asked about it and the owner said, "you can have it, nobody's buying tapes any more". Of course this was a few years ago before the recent interest in certain ones. I see them selling (or asking) for around $500.00.
    I too, have more 2 track tapes than anything else. I started collecting them along time ago, I even bought a tape from J. Gordon Holt in beautiful shape for only $80.00. At the time I was guided by a tape enthusiast named Rich Brown who advised me to find a high speed 2 track Revox A77. I bought one off of a retired recording engineer and that started my efforts to refurbish tape recorders. He also sold high quality copies of safety master tapes and I collected them as well. Then he recommended the Stellavox SP7 deck which I bought from another collector named Charles King. At that time The Tape Project started up and collectable tapes began spiraling upwards. So, I found myself trying to find a way to get the most from 4 track tapes which had more recent (a relative term) artists.
    Thanks agin for your list, it's good to know another tape enthusiast.
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    That's very cool that you got Kind of Blue for free. I paid $300 for the 4-track version in May 2022. It has gone for as high as $424 in the 4 years I have been tracking prices. The 2-track version has gone for as high as a whopping $1034! Prices went crazy during the pandemic, they've now cooled off a bit.
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