S60 vs S50

So kind of a moot point as I currently do not see the S60's available on Polks website anymore. But for a while I was considering upgrading my S50s to S60's. Kind of kicking myself for not pulling the trigger when I had the chance. But my question is, would there be any real benefit? Setup is 5.1, S35 Center, S50s FL & FR, S10s RL & RR and HTS10 sub. Thanks for any replies.


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    The Polk Audio Signature Elite ES60 are avaliable, not sure what is the difference. But like Ken said better put the money towards a better sub, you will be happy.

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    Yeah, I agree, too.
    Maybe the 60s are a nice fit in a large space, but I'd also prefer the S50s up front and a fat sub.

    I found even the S20s as mains to be very pleasing while testing in my system with a single HSU VTF-15. This was in a difficult space with a bass suckout.

    The S60s by themselves for 2ch in a small space, maybe. But for HT like you have, definitely, keep what you have, and put the money into a sub. I think you'd have a hard time telling the differences between S60s and S50s in the same system, even if you were able to drop the crossover point on the mains. Or worse, you may find them muddier than your S50s, depending on the space size.

    I think I'd even go S20s over S50s, but that's based only on experience with an earlier line, the LSiMs, finding that I preferred the 703 bookshelf speakers over the 705 floorstanders. Oddly, the 705s with the 5/5.25?" mid got swallowed in the space, even with their bass drivers, while the 703s with their larger 6.5" mid/woofer sounded fuller, overall. Both were used with the same sub at the same xover.

    Small to mid-side floor standers seem to do nicely in smaller spaces, but most just can't provide the presence that a quality sub can.
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  • Right on. Thanks for the replies. Can't seem to get a pair anyway unless I am willing to pay full retail, so it's a no go. My current situation is fine for now and am happy with it. I just always seem to want the biggest or best available. Hence the S60's. Doesn't sound like I'm missing out on any real difference. With just the S50s and HTS10 in the mix driven by a Denon 3500H, this system gets louder than I can crank it with a 4 year old and a 2 month old in the house, lol. One day I'll upgrade, for now it's all good.