RT10 cabinet foam?

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I'm a newbie with speaker repair and have no techicians in my small rural town.
My old RT10 usually sounds fuzzy, as if it's blown. I took the back wire junction block off and saw pulverized foam, some almost dust-like, all inside. Suspect that material is contacting the speakers and causing the fuzzy, buzzing distorted-like sound. If that's likely, can it be removed, and must it be replaced? How to get the entire back off?


  • pitdogg2
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    1. Take front speakers out to fix foam
    2. Convoluted foam can be bought at fabric stores and Hobby Lobby.
    3. The foam may have nothing to do with the problem, That line of speakers(I had the RT12) suffered from the suspension sagging and allowing the voice coil to rub on the pole piece. You may be able to rotate the driver 180 degrees and it may stop.