Nakamichi Dragon 7-disc CD Changer / DAC; Remote (Rare)

I have never seen this before, interesting looking piece, but for $3,399.00? um no thanks, I wonder what it went for new back in the 90"s.



  • halo71
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    WOW! Very cool! I've never seen those before either.
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  • Keiko
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    H9 is the resident Nak expert, I believe. I know they made some fantastic cassette decks and even had a killer turntable, but way too expensive for my peasant arse.
  • motorstereo
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    Bluebook says made in 96-97 with 20 bit dac. and retailed for $9,700. Agreed; easy pass here
  • pitdogg2
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    First for me. I had seen and lusted for many of their cassette decks.
  • dromunds
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    I used a lot of their cassette decks back in the day, they definitely had the best sound quality, although some of their models spent a lot of time on the repair bench, the 700 especially. But other models worked great and nobody could touch them for best sound. I’ve never seen one of these before but wow they look fantastic.
  • VR3
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    Worth 500 tops
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  • nooshinjohn
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    And sold already... I wish I had seen this earlier. It was way underpriced IMHO for what it represented. It was the best when it was made and still top tier today, even though SACD was not part of it's feature set.
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  • Emlyn
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    Doesn't seem like it's just the lighting, but the wood finish looks different between the components. May not be an original matched set. Anyway, the condition isn't that great either apart from that.
  • heiney9
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    About $10K, it was the best of the best for that time period. As we all know the world of digital changes pretty quickly. Something like that holds a value only for a collector and because of it's rarity. I'm sure it still sounds great. It is a work of art

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