Can anyone tell me what movie this sample is from? [The Frowner by Joey Pecoraro]


So "The Frowner" came up on spotify recently and I'm OBSESSED with finding out where the lines from the front of the song came from, it sounds a bit like one of those 1950 musicals. A bit like Audrey Hepburn actually but 1950 movie stars all sound the same to me ;P

Can anyone help me out?

The "lyrics" in question

You love it very much, don't you?
Well, it's my home
I guess I wouldn't trade it for any place on earth
Well why should you?

It's so wonderful to stand here on this hill
Realize that for miles and miles
Everything as far as the eye can reach belongs to you
Somehow it doesn't mean very much
Unless you've got someone to share it with

NOTE: Someone on YouTube said it's from The Bishop's wife, but I am 99% positive it's not. I searched the whole transcript and it's not there, and I skimmed the movie and there's no scenes that make sense in context of "it's so wonderful to stand here on this hill"...