Carver CM-2002 Integrated Amplifier

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So, I have a Carver CM-2002 amp. It seems like the "sonic holography" would be a nice and fun fit with my SDA 1Cs I just picked up. The Carver amp works, but the power meter doesn't move and the volume out of the right channel is very low and distorted. I tried it on several speakers and using headphones, and the problem was constant through all right channel listening devices.

So, is it worth it to pay for a repair? Also, if you have any other info on it, that would be great! Thank you


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    First of all, Sonic Holography and SDA don't play well together. They are both trying to accomplish the same thing, and added together creates quite the jumbled mess.

    Second, the CM-2002 is far from the desirable pieces of Carver gear. Even if it is a relay, which is a relatively simple fix, it's really noth worth the expense - unless you are savvy enough to do the repair yourself.
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    Well, I guess that journey ends here. For now, it will just look nice in my cabinet I suppose! Thank you