Seismic Ball Bearing Isolators

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Up for sale is my spare set of custom ball and cup isolators.

Can isolate the heaviest speakers by 3-point self-leveling locations.

True 3" radius 7075 Billet aircraft alloy cups and 400 series stainless steele half inch precision ground bearings.
2.5" Diameter and only 1" tall when installed.

6 are PVA pad-backed for the floor and 6 will come with self adhesive 60mm 3M pads. (Still waiting on 4 pads to arrive)

These cleaned up the minute details in bass string instruments and midrange with even more definition than the standard floor footers on my RTA-8TLs.

$180 shipped US-48 ONLY.






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    400 pounds? Asking for a friend

    Those look great
    - Not Tom

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    VR3 wrote: »
    400 pounds? Asking for a friend

    Those look great

    Yeah buddy...
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    How are these isolating the speakers from the floor, more that spikes? There still seems to be more floor contact than spikes have. I am interested, but want to understand the isolation concept better.
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    Spikes don't isolate the speakers from the floor they couple it to the floor.
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    Invalid's point was valid and the main objective when I machined them.

    The lower the resonant frequency of a vibration isolation device, the better the isolation. These having a 3" radius of curvature will have a lower resonant frequency than other designs.
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    I'm going to make smaller diameter ones but with same 3" radii to put under my amp and CD player..

    Finally re-found this....