DSW Pro 660wi - not working, green light in back, no front blue light

Recently had my DSW660 stop working. It started out of where making a grumbling sound, so I powered it off. When I flipped the switch back on, the blue light on the front was off, but the green light on the back was on. No sound coming through.

Took it apart, didn't see anything that failed or burned up. The power board only had 5 volts coming from a 7 pin connector (the pin is labeled 5VS), not power from the 5VA, 12V, or the larger 5 pin connector with 12V and V+. Not sure if that is the issue though since on the amp pcb, the connector has the 5VA and 12V pins (7 pin connector) labeled as SW5V and SW12V. So I assume those are switched on/off by another pin that connects the power board to the amp.

Any ideas on this one? Anyone have any schematics or anything?


  • Hello,
    Welcome to the forum. With subwoofers it's either the woofer or the bass amplifier (or sometimes both) that are at fault. To eliminate which of the two it might be you can try driving the woofer directly powered by your receiver or amplifier. It might be easiest to remove the woofer from the cabinet turn it upside down and at a very low playing volume try powering it with a set of speaker wires.