PSW110 main fuse blows

Hi. I have a PSW110 subwoofer and a couple of days ago the internal fuse blew. I took off the backplate and replaced the fuse - 1.25A / 250V - but upon powering it up it immediately blew again. The sub is around 4 years old.

Do I have to contact the manufacturer now ?? I'm guessing that is the right fuse and inserting a higher rate one is not the way to go.


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  • SeleniumFalcon
    SeleniumFalcon Posts: 2,170
    Correct, do not increase the fuse value. In all likelihood the amplifier has a fault and would need to be replaced or repaired. It came with a three year warranty from Polk and you've indicated you've owned it four years. Their parts department (1-800-377-7655) can sell a replacement and if you mention that you've become a Club Polk member there should be a discount price. There is also the possibility that a local audio gear repair shop might be able to repair the amplifier, we can send you the amp's schematic. Also, there are replacement amplifiers, made by other companies, that can fit the cabinet (sometimes a bit of routing is needed).
  • Rigsby
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    Thanks SeleniumFalcon. I'm in Thailand and purchased it over here. There is an excellent hifi store that fixed it before when there was a power spike that caused a different issue. I'll contact them again and see if they can sort it.

    Thanks again for your help.