Just bought a sb-4000 svs sub (Wow)

Had two Klipsch slp 12s and this single svs 13.5 kicks it's **** up and done the street. Running it with rebuilt legacy 1 bookshelf' speajers.to a modded ps audio 200cx and a rebuilt and modded c-19 . Music source is a Yamaha px-3 rebuilt and a Yamaha mc-5 with a $450 upgraded stylus. All I can say is wow. Will do a detailed review. All my audio friends caint believe how good it sounds.


  • guyincognito
    guyincognito Posts: 123
    Glad you are digging the SVS. I have been running an SB4000 for almost 3 years now. It is a beast of a sub. Before I got it dialed in I had it running way too hot and was knocking my wife's stuff off the walls. The SVS isolation feet helped a great deal.
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  • motorstereo
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    Glad to hear you're happy with your SVS. I'm another very happy SVS owner (SB16 ultra) at almost 1 year to the day of owning it. It replaced my old 18" def tech and was quite an upgrade.

    Really what's not to like with a 1500 wpc amp coupled with a driver with an 8" voice coil and 56lb magnet that can be dialed in with a phone app.