Dolby Atmos speaker question - R900

I had a set up of Csi4, Rti8, OWM3 (surround) with a subwoofer. I have Denon 2600 receiver. Recently I add R900 to sit on top of the rti8 and connected it to Denon Surround Back ports and did Amp Assign to Dolby Front.
However, after this set up, the surrounds seems to be either silent or probably overpowered as I can't hear anything from the OWM3. I did a tone test and all the speakers, including OWM3, sounded fine in the tone test. The overall sound is fantastic now compared to without the R900 but just weird that the surround sound seems to be coming form R900 instead of the OWM3. I was expecting only the dolby effects to come from the atmos speakers
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  • Emlyn
    Emlyn Posts: 3,467
    It would be a receiver setup issue rather than a speaker issue. How are the speaker levels and crossovers being set? Is it auto setup from the receiver? If you have an SPL meter you could also test the levels manually using test tones to make sure the receiver is doing what it is supposed to.

    The Denon is Atmos capable the way you have the speakers connected using the surround back speaker outputs in what is known as a 5.1.2 setup.
  • kaku42
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    I had set up the 5.1 first using audyssey and then when I added the new 2 speakers I just manually added them in in terms of its levels and crossovers.
  • Emlyn
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    I’d run Audyssey again with the new speakers and check levels manually after doing that. The crossover on the R900s could be somewhere around 120 Hz which is where it should be. I am not sure if the Denon receiver you have allows for as many manual setup options the way a more expensive one would.