I have a silly question about (USB) headphones

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Now -- if there was ever a topic on which I am naïve, it's headphones. :#

As it happens, I am one of a small group of people who run our church's Sunday morning service on Zoom (we've been doing hybrid live/Zoom services for a while, and will continue so doing indefinitely). We actually have a pretty nice setup now for A/V support.
I run the Zoom "videoconference" (really more of a livestream, of course) on a church laptop, but I like to monitor the actual Zoom audio & video as an "attendee" using a second laptop. I bought myself a cheap pair of USB headphones (actually, technically, a headset -- with headphones and a little boom mic) to do this, and they work admirably.

A couple of days ago, I got to thinking about these headphones. Since they connect to the computer via USB -- do they have a DAC built into them? I presume they have to... which is pretty amazing, given that they cost $29... and sound pretty darned good, actually.

FWIW, this is the USB headset I have.


I first bought Mrs. H a pair of them for her Zoom activities, so she was the beta tester, so to speak :)


Mmmm -- come to think of it, they'd need an ADC for the mic, too, wouldn't they?
There's no analog signal on a USB interface, right?